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About Us

Founded in 1991, International is a homegrown, Vitória-based international trade company focused on
customs dispatch services and integrated logistics. Headquartered in Vitória (Espírito Santo) and serving the
entire national territory, International boasts highly specialized and competent expertise to offer the best
experience in all facets of the import and export process.

We’re present at the main international trade centers in Brazil

Headquartered in Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, since its inception, International boasts a wide-ranging  commercial network with three offices in the following regions: Espírito Santo, São Paulo, and Santa Catarina, with the goal of performing more dynamic work, closer to the demands of its clients. In doing so, we haven’t stopped growing and overcoming challenges.

What our customers say about us

“International’s demonstrated knowledge and reliable information is what sustains our partnership of 26 years. We’ve faced several challenges together, and International has always taken great care and respect in conducting part of our business with mastery. International manages a bureaucratic, regulation-heavy process with great attention to avoid any mishaps.”

Jose Luiz Gandini President

“Our partnership with International is a long-standing one. For more than 30 years, our trust and satisfaction in their work and credibility only grows. The staff is highly qualified, adding much value to the service we offer 8 our own clients. Their client support always exceeds expectations, delivered at the right time, with accurate and precise technical knowledge.”

Elisa Vilella Foreign Trade Department Manager/International Trade Manager

“We’re very satisfied with International’s services over more than 11 years of partnership. International has a highly competent, qualified and knowledgeable team that stays up-to-date on legislative changes, inspiring great confidence in the services they provide.”

Marcos Donizetti da Silveira Director of Operations

“Our partnership with International extends for many years, marked by dedication and reciprocity. The International team is always ready and eager to serve. Among its many qualities, International’s commitment and delivery have been and remain some of its greatest virtues, essential for the longevity and development of our long professional relationship.”

Renan Marcondes de Mattos Foreign Trade Manager

“International is a great partner, delivering its services with much integrity, always committed and engaged in our needs. It offers qualified professionals and personalized support.”

Marcello Di Cavalcanti Investment Manager

“For two decades, we’ve relied on International to represent us in the customs process. Beyond the trust they’ve earned, what anchors our relationship are the results they’ve delivered. International’s great technical and operational mastery inspires confidence in the midst of great complexity in international laws and regulations. They always stay vigilant and current on requirements, ensuring a smooth process in our imports and exports. Their agility offers added assurance of the lowest costs in customs clearance.”

Rodrigo de Melo Santana Supply manager

“Excellent, unmatched quality in its services and customer support. That’s how we define our 11-year-old partnership with International Serviços Aduaneiros. Their professionalism and competence have added great value to our company over the years.”

Jorge Marques Head of Finance

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